Specialist Policing Consultancy grew out of a desire to spread the learning and expertise gained by a small group of police officers who were experts in specific policing fields but were restricted by the structure of police units from sharing their knowledge and expertise within police forces in the UK and also across the world. Between them they have delivered training and operational expertise around the world.

We are also very aware that our skills are valuable to the private sector. Our products are fully interchangeable and relevant to private industry and business. Organised crime and terrorism impacts globally but so does operational risk and corrupt staff .

  • Who in your organisation has actually managed terrorist incidents or large scale disasters?
  • How many individuals have experienced over 30 years of policing the largest public order or security events in the UK?
  • Who do you know that has run large scale international investigations into organised crime and human trafficking?

The answer will be few.

Our staff have the knowledge and also live experience in all policing fields. 

More importantly we have selected those only with the ability to share their skills with others. 

All of our staff have delivered training and presentations to UK police and law enforcement agencies, European police, the UNODC, TADOC and the European Commission. Our staff have delivered training across the world in the USA, Ukraine, Serbia, Syria, Holland, Belgium, Romania and many other distant places.