Business Continuity Planning

All organisations must prepare themselves to deal with the wide of range of threats which they face. Many of these can be identified but some cannot. However, if you build your organisation to be resilient then you will be able to respond effectively even to those unforeseen challenges. Our consultants can help you to prepare.

Business Continuity Planning

Every year nearly one in five businesses suffers a major disruption. Planning to deal with these disruptions can only be regarded as good business practice.

BCP is all about surviving the immediate and initial stages of any incident, which disrupts the functioning of the business. Normally, the larger the incident, the more business critical is the risk. The secret is to have a tried and tested plan that enables you to respond immediately to the incident, control it, manage it and enable your business to continue operating.

A BCP plan is critical, as is the team that will implement and manage the plan. The plan and the team must be created, implemented, tried and tested now. Wait for the incident to happen and the business may not survive.

We will work with your management team to:

  • Analyse your business
  • Assess the risks
  • Develop your strategy
  • Develop your plan

Crisis Management Planning

All organisations should ensure they have a well structured crisis management and incident response plan. This will ensure that the organisation presents a seamless and professional response which handles the incident effectively but also communicates the correct impression to the media. This will cover incidents such as:

  • Systems failure
  • Terrorist incidents
  • Product recall
  • Kidnap and ransom

Evacuation Planning

We have extensive experience of developing evacuation plans for organisations who have employees and their dependents in locations where evacuation may become necessary, whatever the reason. Our consultants will provide, proportionate plans that allow for either a graded response or an immediate evacuation dependent on the situation.

We can also deploy experienced consultants to assist and support local management and the crisis management team.

Exercising and training

We develop specific, realistic scenarios to train and exercise the Crisis Management and Business Continuity teams.

Incident Support

In the event of an incident we can deploy an experienced team to provide practical support in terms of advice, information and relevant services