Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are totally independent and focused on finding the right solution for your organisation. We work with you at the highest levels to really understand what your concerns are. Properly addressing these issues will bring competitive advantage by protecting your everyday operations, helping to deliver new projects on time and budget, and providing maximum benefit from new technologies.

  • Risk assessments, audits and asset protection
  • Policy & procedure review
  • Security design & consulting
  • Close Protection services
  • Surveillance services
  • Penetration testing (commercial and residential)
  • Electronic sweeps – technical security countermeasures
  • IT security and data loss prevention
  • Business continuity and crisis management

Specialist Policing Consultancy Ltd has extensive experience in conducting major investigations across all sectors.

We can pull together complex issues and identify the key issues whilst gathering and maintaining the evidence in an evidentially sound manner.

Our clients have been very satisfied with the solutions and outcomes we have been able to provide.

We can also provide consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Counter terrorism
  • Managing disaster/incidents
  • Combatting organised crime
  • Appropriate use of intelligence and analysis
  • Human Trafficking
  • Accessing European Commission funding
  • Protecting your staff and business from crime and criminals
  • Women's personal safety
  • Planning VIP or large scale events
  • Planning sporting events

Security Surveys

A Security Survey is a thorough physical examination of a facility and its operations with respect to personnel and company assets. We examine the risks these assets are exposed to, and review the measures that are in place to protect them and to mitigate liability. We identify vulnerabilities and make recommendations on how these can be improved. This can be relevant for new locations or existing facilities, particularly after a loss or incident has occurred.

Security Audits

A Security Audit differs from a survey in that it is a process to assess whether an existing security system and procedures are operating to set of standards or criteria they were designed to. It evaluates the administration of the system, security awareness of employees, the management controls and compliance with standards. This is a valuable tool to give an accurate overview to the senior management.