Delivery of training for police officers in Uzbekistan

SPC are pleased with the successful delivery of our latest training project on behalf of the OSCE in Uzbekistan. The course was titled 'Countering human trafficking and organised crime with a focus on asset confiscation and money laundering’. The training was delivered in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, from the 5th to the 9th of August.

Course trainers and particpants Samarkand 2019
The course consisted of 30 participants with a service range from new officers with little experience to some with 8 years in their role. We were extremely pleased of the fact that a number of female participants were present and that they played a full and engaged role in the training. This was the first such high level that any of the officers and investigators had received from an outside body.

Bernie Gravett was joined by Colin Carswell and Janice McLean. Janice is a retired Detective Superintendent from the London Metropolitan Police, specialising in Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering. She was a Senior Police Advisor to the United Nations, Team Leader and Senior Expert to EU and Council of Europe.

The 5 day course designed by SPC covered a wide range of subjects that were designed to enhance the investigative skills of the participants in combatting domestic organised crime and human trafficking with the added consideration of making money laundering and asset confiscation central to their investigation strategy. This is an uncommon concept in civil law countries where money laundering investigations often only start following a conviction of a predicate crime.

The SPC training programme has been designed to develop proactive approaches to the investigation process.

The course also included input on investigative interview techniques, forensic and crime scene strategies and modern methodologies, mutual legal assistance and cross border investigations. There was also sections on the identification of potential victims of human trafficking and support following recovery. We were pleased to be joined by Nodira Karimova and staff from the leading Uzbek human trafficking NGO Istiqbvolli Avlod to provide the participant with Uzbek case studies and to foster cooperation with the third sector.
In the feed back reports compiled by the participants SPC were praised for the high quality and openness of the training programme. We were highly commended to return to deliver additional training in the near future.
SPC are now developing the training programme on behalf of the OSCE for Uzbek law enforcement, prosecutors and Judges for the next 12 months.