Duty Management System (DMS)

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Duty Management System (DMS)

DMS is a web based solution for the planning and recording of staff duties. It is ideal for retail, voluntary organisations, event and guarding companies who need to be able to staff a wide variety of events. The event and guarding industries require a responsive and flexible workforce. They need to be able to contact staff across the country to meet resourcing demands often at short notice. This can be time consuming involving a large number of coordinating staff.

DMS allows managers and resource units to send messages soliciting volunteers for events via email, text or interactive voice response. One simple - Push to send. It allows your workforce to respond but it also allows your workforce to plan their own duties ahead of time. As soon as they record their plan or availability the manager or resorcing unit is notified.

This has been proven to increase effectiveness and availability of staff by over 20%.*


  • Developed and tested with the Metropolitan Police
  • Addresses critical planning problems providing a single point of contact for an entire workforce
  • Accessible from existing IT sytems or securely from the internet by authorised personnel
  • Supports the police National Intelligence Model for coordination and tasking
  • Complements existing systems
  • DMS has multiple access methods - web, mobile, SMS and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Designed with the user in mind the system can be used without formal training and expense.

Basic Features

  • Calendar function, allowing staff to view and plan duties
  • Fully configuarable to roles, providing control over access and creation of duties
  • Alerts, informing supervisors by email when team members plan duties
  • Messaging - allows staff to view secure emails
  • Supports multiple group duty types - events, guarding, protection, training, meetings, etc
  • Audit log providing administrators with full history of system access and actions
  • Report generator - providing managers and supervisors with essential information about workforce - Planned duties, planned overall hours, completion of mandatory training, fail to appear data, work return data.

Advanced Features

  • Work returns - fully configurable to roles and responsibilities
  • Expenses - format configurable per team or department and driven from actual hours recorded in the work return screen
  • Annual reports - gernerated authomatically from the work return screens

*Designed and tested with the Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary in 6 London Boroughs. The use of DMS by 400 staff resulted in a 20% increase in duty hours performed, better tasking and deployment of staff and increased productivity of staff.