New trend? Mongolian women trafficked to steal perfume.

During the RACE project German police reported that they had come across a number of cases where it was believed that Mongolian women were suspected to have been trafficked to steal high value premium perfumes.

This week during a meeting with the Bern canton Immigration Service they disclosed that they had come across 30 cases of Mongolian women having been smuggled or trafficked into Switzerland and who were arrested for stealing perfume. In addition they have had a number of cases where the women were selling sexual services. (prostitution is legal in Switzerland if you are a registered prostitute).

The canton of Bern is only one of 26 cantons in Switzerland. Each is an independent administrative district with police and immigration functions independent in each canton. I have no data at this stage of this tren in other cantons.

Sadly all 30 Mongolian women were deported and not dealt with as potential victims.