Specialist Polcing Consultancy Ltd are innovative and forward thinking. We have developed a number of specialist products to improve a businesses ability to work effectively in the modern environment. Our solutions have used policing skills that cross all business environments.

Crime ID

Crime ID is a secure internet intelligence system designed originally with retailers and retail crime partnerships in mind but it is adaptable to any business that needs to securely share intelligence about threats internal or external.

Duty Management System

Duty Management System (DMS) is another web based solution for the planning and recording of staff duties. It is ideal for retail, voluntary organisations, event and guarding companies who need to be able to staff a wide variety of events. The event and guarding industries require a responsive and flexible workforce. They need to be able to contact staff across the country to meet resourcing demands often at short notice. This can be time consuming involving a large number of coordinating staff.

Short Term Holding Facilities

Specialist Policing Consultancy Ltd has designed a holding cell for the 21st century. This has been tested and approved by the Home Office and Liberty.

The STHF has been designed for business to securely hold 'detainees' while an investigation takes place until the police attend. Specificall designed with retail stores and shopping centres in mind where persons are detained by secutity staff and there is a need to ensure that staff are protected but also that the detainee is treated with dignity and respect.