Red Snapper Group

SPC Ltd are proud to provide consultancy services to Red Snapper Group.

The Red Snapper Group is the market leading staffing services provider for the crime, offender management, criminal intelligence, regulatory risk and security work in the UK. They provide high levels of expertise and a managed staffing solution for high level investigations such as IHAT, the Hillsborough investigation, murder and serious crime investigations across the UK.

Divisions of the company include:

  •  Enforcement Skills - Regulatory framework compliance, enforcement and policy management recruitment specialist.

  • Criminal Justice Skills - Probation, prison, youth offending and third sector rehabilitation recruitment specialist.

  • Counter Fraud Skills - Fraud prevention & detection, anti money laundering and financial crime prevention recruitment specialist.

  • Police Skills - Criminal investigation, intelligence, crime analysis, detention and other specialist policing skill sets.

  • Community Safety Skills - Crime prevention recruitment specialist for housing associations, local authorities and the broader community safety partnership network.

  • Forensic Skills - Physical and digital forensic practitioner recruitment specialists

  • Security Skills - Physical and IT security recruitment specialist