As a result of SPC lobbying Julian Hubbert MP raises questions in Parliament regarding opt out of ISF


As a result of a campaign by SPC Julian Huppert MP asked a question in the house regarding the UK Government's failure to 'opt in' to the EC Internal Security Fund (ISF) This fund provides 3.8 billion euros fro law enforcement cross border cooperation to combat organised crime. The failure to opt in means that there can be little or no large scale investigations or projects to combat cross border organised crime.


International investigations are lengthy and expensive and current police budgets are falling. With between 30 and 40% of all prisoners being foreign national offenders and 30% of known OCGs originating from other EU member states it is imperative that UK police forces have access to this funding. It enables them to work with our European law enforcement colleagues to combat international criminal groups. This is even more crucial with the current terrorist threat from returning fighters from Syria and Iraq and the growth in human trafficking that has led to the new Modern Slavery Bill.


Pressure your MPs to get the UK to change their minds.


Here is the link to the debate:


And here is a link to Julian’s question (buried in debate)


As Teresa May’s answer was not very useful Julian is planning to submit a written question, I will keep you updated.