Sad Day in London

Our thoughts are with the family, colleagues and friends of PC Keith Palmer who sadly lost his life yesterday at the hands of a lone wolf terrorist in London. A tragic day for the police service. Our thoughts also go to the other numerous victims who suffrered loss of life and injuries in yesterdays attack. It is our hope that the families of all of the victims receive long and sustained support form appropriately trained and resourced staff. The pain and suffereing is long term, we know this to our own cost as we have lost feirnds and loved ones in the past.

There will be comment and fallout with may experts lining up to give their opinions one surfacing today is the need for a review of the security provisions around the Houses of Parliament. Our director Bernie Gravett was formerly Divisional Commander for Central Westminster, the area covered in yesterdays attack. Fistly it should be noted that the security system did work despite the tragic loss of life to PC Palmer. The attacker got inside the grounds but only by 2- to 30 meters. He was challenged and brought down. The presence of open gates at this point has always been contentious. The police recomendations have always been that this is a week point, however the Houses of Parliament have always resisted a more appropriate double gated security system at the gates. This is bacfause members want free and unobstructed access to and from the car park. The use of double skin gate systems that would be the most appropriate have always been resisted. This is because they slow the speed of access and egrees for members of the Houses and workes on the estate. Let's hope the loss of one of their guardian's lives propmts a review of this obvious and clear weakness.