Specialist Policing Consultancy Ltd are able to provide a variety of services to clients.

Our services include:


Specialist Policing Consultancy is an independent specialist risk and security consultancy. We advise our clients on identifying threats to their businesses and avoiding or mitigating them in a cost effective manner.

Our wide range of experience across diverse sectors has helped our clients deal with challenges across the world. We understand how important your reputation is and we can help you to protect it.

We are trusted by our clients to deal with the most sensitive of issues in a totally discreet manner.


We are able to deliver expert training across a wide range of subjects. Our current client base includes corporate, law enforcement, public bodies and third sector.

Expert Witness Statements and Testimony

Specialist Policing Consultancy are experts in the field of human trafficking and transnational organised crime. As specialists we work closely with human rights solicitors and lawyers to support the victims of human trafficking facing prosecution or deportation. Under Section 45 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and other Eoropean and World policies, a victim of human trafficking should not be prosecuted for the crimes committed at the hands of their exploiters. We are proud to have independently and objectively reviewed cases of victims from around the globe and where there is a case to be made that they are victims of human trafficking or modern slavery, we have supported their cases.

We have been successful in proving that those cases referred to us were victims of exploitation for forced labour including forced criminality, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude. We are experts in all forms of exploitation this includes country lines, Vietnamese organised crime, JuJu and other specialist areas.

Event and Crowd Management Planing

We are experts in the field of event and crowd management planning. Our team has extensive experience in this field both in terms of strategic and operational planning and delivery. Experts in crisis management we are able to assist clients across abroad range of events and threats.