SPC and Anti-Slavery International win EC funding bid

SPC Ltd, Anti-Slavery International and other partners have won EC funding to design and deliver a Euopean training programme to combat human trafficking.

In August 2012 SPC Ltd joined Anti-Slavery International, the Dutch Police Academy, ECPAT UK and other partners to submit an EC funding bid in the region of €460,000 to set up a European training programme to combat human trafficking.

It has been announced that we were successful with the bid and we are currently planning for delivery in 2013/14.

The training programme will cover the huge knowledge gap on human trafficking for forced criminality. The themes of the programme will be trafficking of women and children from vulnerable groups who are forced to beg and steal on the streets of Europe. A further aspect will be trafficking for crime such as pick pocketing, metal theft and ATM fraud. The third strand will be worldwide trafficking of Vietnamese children who are installed in cannabis farms and factories. This is a growing UK and European problem.

The training audience will be police investigators, future police leaders and social workers across Europe. There will be 4 training weeks in different European cities.

There will be a concluding conference when all learning will be shared.

This is an exciting venture and the first of its kind in Europe tackling new and little know forms of human trafficking.