SPC Ltd delivers Olympic Games crowd management operation

SPC Ltd were contracted at short notice to design, develop and deliver safe crowd management plans for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Transport for London has applauded the superb delivery of crucial crowd management operations by Specialist Policing Consultancy. Brought in with only 4 weeks run in, SPC were contracted to design, staff and deliver crucial crowd management plans that ensured that the Games went ahead safely and securely.  The second element of the contract was to design, develop and deliver safe crowd management for Meridian Square in Stratford. This was a crucial open space that joins the transport network to the Olympic Park.

While the Games had been years in the planning no one organisation wanted responsibility for this element of the Olympic delivery plan.

Meridian Square is an open area of public and private land outside Stratford Regional Station. During the Games it was expected to manage 80% of the crowds attending the Games, together with up to 200,000 Westfield shoppers and Newham’s substantial local footfall.

By the end of the Games period over 17 million people had passed safely through the SPC operation.

SPC brought in a specialist team of former police officers to develop the plans, design the C3 management structure and deliver an extensive crowd management plan that delivered people speedily and safely to the Games site.

The team worked alongside LOCOG, LOCOG Last Mile, London Underground, National Rail, Westfield Shopping City, the London Borough of Newham and other stake holders.

SPC engaged McKenzie Arnold Security Ltd (MAS) to deliver the plan. MAS are one of the UK’s top 5 security companies and it is dynamic and flexible enough to accommodate to all the clients' requirements, without compromising its rigidly enforced ISO 9001 quality assurance system.

Originally the plan consisted of just 76 staff daily however because of the success and professionalism of the operation SPC and MAS were asked to develop additional contingency plans for emergency egress sites and support Westfield’s own crowd management operation. On the majority of the Games days MAS were deploying approximately 300 staff to various elements of the Games delivery plan.

Due to rigid contract and on the ground management all staff attended when required, they were appropriately qualified and trained, unlike other elements of the Games stewarding operations.

The entire operation was delivered safely, on time and within agreed budgets.