SPC partner Cambridge Management Training Ltd in delivery to senior police officers from China

SPC have been chosen as the preferred supplier of training for police forces from the Republic of China. The initial pilot course is currently running and it is hoped that further contracts will be developed in the future.

The training is on core UK policing issues, training and development of police officers. Nothing secret or sensitive simply advertising the brand of modern UK policing to enhance understanding.

China holds the record for the fastest developing major country in the world, with no signs of a slowdown at present. China weathered the global economic slowdown very well, and is now accelerating out of it. This has created a hunger and desire for learning as China moves from a command economy to a full westernised market economy. UK businesses should grasp this as an opportunity to support and develop change in this huge and ancient country.

SPC are proud to be the chosen provider of police training for this developing arm of their business.