SPC partner with Freedom House, Romania to support improving response to human trafficking.

Specialist Policing Consultancy are proud to have been invited to partner with Freedom House in Romania to take part in a series of workshops aimed at improving the response to human trafficking in Romania. The workshops will take place in March in the central town of Sinaia in Prahova County.

The project proposes to set the ground for improvement of magistrates and law enforcement capacity to investigate and prosecute human trafficking. In addition the workshops will facilitate better understanding of the identification, tracking, freezing and recovery of criminal assets and the proceeds of crime.

The project consortium includes Freedom House Romania, RISSC (Italy), Risk Monitor (Bulgaria) with the support of AGRASC (Agence de gestion et de recouvrement des avoirs saisis et confisques – France).

Freedom House supports frontline activists in their efforts to defend fundamental rights, including to document abuses, advocate for justice, end impunity, and fortify the self-protection of human rights defenders. We also provide emergency assistance to human rights defenders who come under threat and work with activists to broaden public support for upholding human rights.