UK Government opt out of EC policing fund - Disaster for British Policing

The UK Government being the Home Office directed by the Treasury have 'opted out' if the European Commission Internal Security Fund (ISF). This prevents any UK police, NGO, Local Authority or private company from applying for any EC funds to combat cross border organised crime, human trafficking,financial crime, anit radicalisation, cyber crime and all manner of serious crime.

The ISF is a fund of over 1 billion Euro available to police for mutual cooperation projects and operations to combat the growing threat of cross border organised crime. Only 3 countries in Europe have chosen to opt out of the fund, the UK, Denmark and Ireland. This prevents any UK agency from accessing these much needed funds.

International investigations cost money. Current UK police budget restrictions will reduce or even prevent proactive and reactive operations and partner projects to combat foreign national organised crime.

In the UK some cities are suffereing huge levels of crime eminating from A8 and A2 accesion countries. In some towns 50% of persons arrested are from other EU member states. 30% of the identified organised crime groups are from abroard and this is growing.

The huge growth in human trafficking from A8 and A2 member states and the crime generated is putting police forces under pressure.

The UK Government is playing politics with our lives.

Here are the numbers:

To access over 1 billions Euros the UK would have had to contribute 130 million Euros. However they would immediately got back 67 million Euros to manage international projects themselves. So in effect to access over 1 billion Euros the club membership would be 63 million. In 2010 the UK paid out over 1.8 billion Euros to A8 and A2 families in child tax credits alone. The majority of this is fraud! The ISF could have been used to reduce this crime by millions of pounds.

Pressure your ACPO lead, the Home Office, the Treasury, your MEP and anyone else with influence to turn this absurd decision around.

For more information please contact Specialist Policing Consultancy.