Sexual Exploitation


Sexual exploitation involves any non-consensual or abusive sexual acts performed without a victim’s permission. This includes but is not limited to prostitution, escort work and pornography.

Women, men and children of both sexes can be victims. Many will have been deceived with promises of a better life and then controlled through violence and abuse. Parents are paid to sexually abuse their children on modern media platforms for the gratification of others a continent away.

The world of human trafficking and how people are exploited is ever changing.

At SPC we research constantly on changes in the landscape and methodologies used by traffickers and those that exploit other.

We examine both men and women who exploit others. This can be as traffickers themselves or as part of the networks and organisations that manage worldwide criminal enterprises.

Our work has discovered that women can play an important role in the management of victims, from recruitment, as escorts or even as managers.

Both men and women travel as sex offenders targeting children who are often trafficked into sexual exploitation.

We monitor and research trends and changes in order to inform our training programmes and expert witness statements.