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28/7/20 Colin Carswell appointed as new Director at SPC

We are proud to announce that SPC have appointed Colin Carswell to the board of directors at SPC.

10/6/20 Bernie Gravett published as contributor to the book Stolen Lives

Bernie Gravett has acted as a consultant to the author of Stolen Lives a new book by Louise Hulland.

4/11/19 Progress in the Essex human trafficking tragedy

Things appear to be moving rapidly in the Essex Police investigation into the tragic deaths of 31 men and 8 women found in the contanerised refirigerated uni

4/11/19 Specialist Policing Consultancy coordinate Judges visit to Uzbekistan

Specialist Policing Consultancy are proud to be cooordianting the visit of two highly estoimed legal professionals to take part in the International Conferen

23/10/19 Tragic news from Essex where 39 potential victims of trafficking are found dead in a container lorry. Bernie Gravett comments on the BBC.

Human trafficking and people smuggling blights the UK and the world.



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