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20/12/17 HM Crown Prosecution Inspectorate highlights failure of CPS in modern slavery cases

The Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate recently conducted a review of the CPS response to modern slavery.

1/11/17 Bernie Gravett invited to present at the 4TH CONFERENCE: “TOGETHER AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING in Bucharest

Bernie Gravett was invited to take part in the 4TH CONFERENCE: “TOGETHER AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING which was held in Bucharest, Romania on the 25th September

1/11/17 Bernie Gravett delivers a speech to the Romanian Parliamentary Commission on human trafficking

On the 26th June 2017 at short notice Bernie Gravett was invited to address the Romanian Parliamentary Commission on countering human trafficking.

1/11/17 SPC deliver training in Georgia to police, prosecutors and social workers.

Last week Bernie Gravett was honoured to be asked to develope a training programme for police prosecutors and social workers.

21/7/17 SPC founder and director is published!

Bernie Gravett has received accolades for his contribution to the new book designed to assist practitioners in countering organised crime and terrorism



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