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12/11/14 As a result of SPC lobbying Julian Hubbert MP raises questions in Parliament regarding opt out of ISF


19/10/14 SPC partner Cambridge Management Training Ltd in delivery to senior police officers from China

SPC have been chosen as the preferred supplier of training f

19/10/14 SPC selected to partner Trafficking.CH for 2 year training project for Swiss Police

SPC are proud to announce that we have been selected as a partner in a 2 year training projects for the Police Services of Switzerland.

13/10/14 SPC are proud to announce selection as a preferred training provider to Cambridge International Management Training Ltd and the provision of training to the senior police officers of the Guizhou Police department.

SPC have been contracted to provide training and consultancy to Cambridge International Man

9/10/14 New trend? Mongolian women trafficked to steal perfume.

During the RACE project German police reported that they had come across a number of cases where it was believed that Mongolian women were suspected to have



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