Expert Witness Services

Our services in the expert witness arena focus primarily on human trafficking and assessing cases sent to us by those representing people that they believe are potential victims of this serious crime.

Bernie Gravett is recognised as a leading expert on investigating human trafficking for the purposes of exploitation. I served for thirty-one years as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police between 1980 and April 2011. I retired at the rank of Superintendent. I am an accredited Europol expert on the Europol AWF Intelligence system. In addition, I am an accredited Eurojust expert on Joint Investigation Teams and Mutual Legal Assistance.

His expertise has built up from 31 years of law enforcement and involvement in investigation and directing cases of human trafficking and modern slavery. In addition, Bernie has been responsible for designing and delivery of training for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and Judges worldwide for over 20 years.

Bernie's specific areas of expertise include 'County Lines' and London's gang structures and methodologies, child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, Vietnames human trafficking, Albanian orgaised crime and of course Ronmania and other east European source countries.

Bernie has contributed to 4 professional books and many publications on the subject of human trafficking. Further, he has been an instruments partner in a number of research projects with leading UK and EU institutions.

Bernie has written expert witness statements for potential victims of human trafficking that has led to confirmation of identification, protection from human rights abuses including prosecution and deportation. Notable cases have gone as far as the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Bernie has given evidence in all Court and Tribunal levels as an accredited expert witness.
The company has recently been joined by Colin Carswell (Superintendent Rtrd) who’s CV matches that of Bernie, and he will be engaging with clients moving forward to develop our expert witness programme.

Our areas of expertise cover all forms of exploitation; however, we have a particular and specialist understanding of trafficking from Vietnam, the use of Juju in control mechanisms and in 'County Line' child criminal exploitation.
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