SPC delivers bespoke consultancy to clients in law enforcement as well as in the public and private sectors.

The range of consultancy that we offer is broad and is always tailored to the specific needs of the client and their desired outcomes.  We pride ourselves in being able to provide world leading and exceptionally well experienced and respected consultants across a diverse range of fields.

We specialise in consulting on the following law enforcement and social issues:

  • Human trafficking and Modern Slavery
  • Combatting organised crime
  • Investigating and responding to terrorist attacks
  • Money laundering
  • Crime scene management
  • Supporting vulnerable victims
  • Crisis management
  • Event planning and crowd management
  • Community Safety
  • Problem solving & Problem Orientated Policing
  • Roads Policing

Our wide range of experience and deep understanding of modern law enforcement and social issues has helped our clients deal effectively with challenges around the world.

We have a proven track record of delivering quality consultancy and are trusted by our clients to deal with the most sensitive of issues in a totally discreet manner.